Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another domestic day

Sunday seems to be my day in the kitchen lately. I was so happy to have a rainy weekend so I could just stay inside and do my own thing! Got up this morning about 6:00, completely confused as to why hubby got up at 4:45 (I forgot about daylight savings time, so he actually slept in an hour).

Tried out a new recipe - buttermilk oatmeal pancakes - for breakfast. They were excellent topped with some of last year's canned apples! Then, I did some dishes, and went through my recipe folder trying to find some quick and easy things to plan for dinners this week.

In a continuing effort to prove to myself that all was not lost with this year's garden, I went out and picked the two little pumpkins that planted themselves in my bean patch. After roasting and pureeing them, I ended up with about six cups that I'll freeze for using in baking later. Then, I made myself some rice pudding - easy, delicious, and halfway healthy! Now, my back is hurting so I'm taking a break...

In spite of trying to give them all away, we ended up with some apples from our tree, which I've been slowly (very slowly) trying to use. I'm taking a box of them to work tomorrow, but on Thursday I made a huge apple crisp and two loaves of apple bread, and I'll make another crisp this afternoon and maybe shred a few more to put in the freezer for future loaves of bread (it's really good!).

In addition to dealing with the apples this afternoon, I also need to prep the meat and veggies for tomorrow night's dinner - crock pot beef stew. I'll start it when I go to work tomorrow and the house will smell wonderful when I get home!

I have half a week's dinner menu planned out:

Tonight: either hamburgers and oven fries or pizza (hubby's choice)
Tomorrow: stew and cornbread
Tuesday: cider curry pork chops and baked sweet potatoes
Wednesday: honey dijon chicken and rice.

From there, who knows...

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