Monday, October 27, 2008

Stocking up

Well, with less than six weeks to go (and time is really flying, now!), I've been focusing on food lately. Namely, stocking up on quick, easy prep things that hubby might actually make, so that after Caitlyn arrives we won't end up eating Burger King at every meal for two weeks. We may not get the best nutrition ever during that time (not that we are now - I've barely been cooking in the last six weeks), but it'll be better than a constant diet of fast food, I'm sure.

My plan has been to cook ahead and put several things in the freezer. This hasn't worked out as well as I wanted it to, but so far we have three meals' worth of meatballs in there (for quick spaghetti) and three quarts of chili (made that yesterday. Good stuff!). I'd still like to make some creamed chicken base (for chicken and biscuits, chicken and stuffing, stuff like that), and some of hubby's favorite hamburger casserole (problem is actually getting that to the freezer before he eats it all!).

Yesterday I practically bought out Winco. Well, at least it felt like that, I spent so much money! At least at Winco when you spend $160 you have a full cart of food to show for it, unlike most of the other stores in town. I warned hubby ahead of time I was doing a stock up shop, so he didn't fall over when I came home with a trunk full of groceries! We now have stuff for chili dogs (including prepackaged shredded cheese, which I almost never buy, but it just seemed easier), Helper of all varieties, soup, tons of cold cereal (suddenly everyone has cold cereal on sale), a variety of juices, jambalaya, lots of canned fruit and veggies, and lots of other stuff.

I also bought all the nonperishables we need to take hubby's family's version of orange jello salad to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which will be our contribution to his family's meals (he'll make it so I don't have to!). No idea yet what we'll be contributing to ours, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Slowly, we're putting the finishing touches on getting ready. I really wish I could go buy a bunch more stuff that we need for the baby, but I have to wait till Babies R Us sends us our registry completion coupon, which won't be for several more weeks.

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