Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the States.

Thought after my last hormonal rant, I should probably make a quick list of things I'm thankful for. Here goes...

1. I have a great husband whom I get along with and who takes very good care of me.

2. One of these days (soon!) I will have the little one I've been waiting for for so long snug in my arms.

3. We have the most entertaining dogs ever born (stupidity does make for fun times, you know?).

4. Our house is snug, warm, and affordable.

5. We both have good jobs that are secure for now.

6. We get to eat two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend and I don't have to cook for either of them!

Ok, ok, there's lots more, but I have to go get ready for dinner #1. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You might be a hormonal basketcase if... spend a good part of the day panicking because you suddenly realized that any day now you could be going into LABOR (and what the hell were you thinking, wanting to give birth, anyway, that's going to HURT LIKE HELL!), and then leave the doctor's office in tears because, after two weeks of contractions, you're not even starting to dilate yet.

Let's just say I'm having a bad day. Everything's fine, Caitlyn's doing great (and, while the nurse didn't measure her at my weekly non-stress test, she did say she is a "good size baby"). My doctor started talking induction, and I'm still 11 days from my due date. As in "I hope I don't have to induce you, especially if you're not ready yet, because that just makes things difficult." Not that he's ready to actually schedule it yet or anything, but obviously he thinks things should be moving in a forward direction by now, too. I left the clinic with a post-due-date doctor and non-stress test appointment, whereas before my last one was supposed to be next Tuesday.

By the time I got home, I just couldn't keep it in any longer and begged hubby for a big hug and started crying. Gotta give him kudos - he didn't get mad at me for being all emotional like he sometimes does, and even tried to help me see the bright side if I *do* have to be induced - like, I'll know when, and I'll have my doctor (because if you go on your own you get whoever's on call at the hospital, but if he has to induce my doctor will schedule it when he's there), and I'll definitely know for sure when I finally get to leave work (since I've been ready for that for a while now!).

Don't get me wrong, I haven't begun to reach the "desperation point" where I just want to rip her out myself. I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm overly tired today which makes me overly emotional even when I'm NOT just shy of nine months pregnant!

I think it's because I'm a planner and a prepper. We've been all but ready for a while now - I've been wrapping things up at work for about six weeks, the nursery is nearly finished (and if we just buckled down and did it, it would be done in a couple of hours), the baby laundry is all done, the freezer is full, the car seat is installed, and we're just waiting. Just waiting. Twiddling my thumbs, so to speak. This is why I didn't set a date to leave work, much as I'm ready to be done. At least it's a distraction.

Who knows...maybe I should make hubby take me to the beach for a day this weekend...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Still here...

Haven't had much to post about lately, but I wanted you all to know I'm still here!

Still having contractions, hopefully they're doing something by now. I'll find out Tuesday. I did pull the "nearly 9 months pregnant" card to get out of actually cooking anything for our two Thanksgiving dinners - probably the only time I'll ever be able to get away with that!

My office is almost clean (at least by my standards!), the freezer is full, the Christmas shopping is all but done (I told hubby I'd buy his aunt's gift for him at lunchtime on Monday), and I only have one more load of baby laundry to do. Just about ready!

Monday, November 17, 2008

There's illness afoot...

So hubby has come down with a monster cold. It started with a sore throat on Saturday, and today it's the full blown nastiness. He sounds awful and is staying home from work. I'm sure he caught it from his coworker friend, who missed three days of work last week.

So now I'm trying to figure out how to avoid it. I've done so well at avoiding all the crud that's gone around the office in the last couple of months, but I'm not sure I can miss this one - the proximity is a little too close.

I tried to insist on sleeping on the couch last night, so he could get good sleep and I wouldn't be so close to the germs, but then he insisted that I shouldn't since I'm now almost 8 1/2 months pregnant, and said he would. Well, our couch is a full-size futon. WAY too short for someone who's 6'6! So I told him we'd both sleep in bed and I'd just sleep facing away from him. Which pretty much worked, I think.

In the meantime, I made sure we have plenty of chicken soup in the house, and mixed up some orange juice for him, and I've been force feeding him Airborne at every opportunity, so hopefully it won't last too long! Now I just need to bathe the house in Lysol, LOL!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the bet

I just bet my dad an ice cream cone that Caitlyn will NEVER do this...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still contracting...

...but not having a baby any time soon. Just practicing for the real deal... :-)

Things are happening...

Nothing major yet, but things are definitely moving in a forward direction! Yesterday I went in for my weekly non-stress test (since I have high blood pressure, they've been monitoring Caitlyn weekly for a few weeks now, to make sure she's active enough and that things are going as they should). I told the nurse something was definitely happening, but I wasn't sure what. I figured either she was starting to drop or that I was having contractions, but I wasn't sure which.

So, the nurse hooked me up to the monitors and, sure enough, I had three contractions in the half hour I was there!

Now, these aren't the real "oh my goodness I'm about to have a baby" contractions, but Braxton Hicks, or "practice" contractions. Just getting things moving, I guess. It's exciting because it's the first time I've felt those through the whole pregnancy, even though I may have been having them all along and I just haven't known it.

Even though I know in my heart that delivery day isn't imminent, it still shook me up a bit, and I went home and packed most of my hospital bag (I was going to do it last weekend, anyway!). And I'm finishing the last of the baby laundry, so I can pack some things for her, too! Now I just have to get hubby on board, or pack his bag for him, LOL!

Today I'm 36 weeks, four days pregnant. Just three and a half weeks till my due date!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Way too emotional

My preggo hormones can't handle this whole election thing. At 8:00 last night I was cruising the local news websites, looking for early returns on some state measures. I flipped over to about 8:15, and couldn't believe it when I read that they'd called the election already! I ran over to my television, and, sure enough, there was John McCain, giving his concession speech.

Good thing hubby was in the shower at that moment, because I was bawling like a baby, I was so happy.

Then, this morning, one of the news channels showed a group of students at an African American college somewhere singing the black national anthem, which I had never even heard of until about five years ago, when we started singing it at the beginning of each of our all staff meetings at work, thanks to a staff member who would get up and lead it for us every time. Well, that staff member passed away unexpectedly a few years ago. As soon as I heard the song, I thought of him. Suddenly I'm standing there, doling out baby carrots for hubby's lunch, crying all over again.

Sheesh. I am an election basket case!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another domestic day

Sunday seems to be my day in the kitchen lately. I was so happy to have a rainy weekend so I could just stay inside and do my own thing! Got up this morning about 6:00, completely confused as to why hubby got up at 4:45 (I forgot about daylight savings time, so he actually slept in an hour).

Tried out a new recipe - buttermilk oatmeal pancakes - for breakfast. They were excellent topped with some of last year's canned apples! Then, I did some dishes, and went through my recipe folder trying to find some quick and easy things to plan for dinners this week.

In a continuing effort to prove to myself that all was not lost with this year's garden, I went out and picked the two little pumpkins that planted themselves in my bean patch. After roasting and pureeing them, I ended up with about six cups that I'll freeze for using in baking later. Then, I made myself some rice pudding - easy, delicious, and halfway healthy! Now, my back is hurting so I'm taking a break...

In spite of trying to give them all away, we ended up with some apples from our tree, which I've been slowly (very slowly) trying to use. I'm taking a box of them to work tomorrow, but on Thursday I made a huge apple crisp and two loaves of apple bread, and I'll make another crisp this afternoon and maybe shred a few more to put in the freezer for future loaves of bread (it's really good!).

In addition to dealing with the apples this afternoon, I also need to prep the meat and veggies for tomorrow night's dinner - crock pot beef stew. I'll start it when I go to work tomorrow and the house will smell wonderful when I get home!

I have half a week's dinner menu planned out:

Tonight: either hamburgers and oven fries or pizza (hubby's choice)
Tomorrow: stew and cornbread
Tuesday: cider curry pork chops and baked sweet potatoes
Wednesday: honey dijon chicken and rice.

From there, who knows...