Sunday, April 15, 2007

Menu - April 15 - 21

This will be a week of easy dinners and eating out, what with the big event at work on Thursday. But that's ok, we're prepared for it!

Sunday: Baked ham with apricot glaze

Monday: Tacos

Tuesday: Ham and broccoli calzones (and I'll probably even break down and buy premade pizza crust!)

Wednesday: Hubby's on his own, as I'll probably be at work till 8:00 or so (I'll just have a Lean Cuisine or something)

Thursday: Dinner out

Friday: Salsa Chicken

Saturday: We're babysitting the nieces and nephews, so we'll have whatever their parents provide - probably pizza!


Kimmer said...

Ham & broccoli calzones recipe, please?

kbeeps said...

Hi Kimmer,

Thanks for visiting my blog! It might take a few days, but I'll get that recipe posted for you!