Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bath Day

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If there's one thing the dogs hate, it's bath day. So it doesn't happen very often. But, they've got quite the little flea infestation going, and we like to have them clean when we put the flea medicine on them, so it's bath day. It's quite the process. First, we clear everything out of the bathroom. Then, hubby gets in the shower.

Hershey has to go first. Otherwise she'll run off someplace and we'll never get her in there. She'll know what's coming anyway, so I have to grab her by the scruff of her neck and drag her through the house as she leaves a trail of pee behind her (even if I put her out to go potty first). Hubby grabs her and tosses her in the shower, then scrubs her down twice, first with regular shampoo, and then with flea shampoo. Then he lets her out and I keep her contained in the bathroom while I give her the two towel dry-off. Then I have to force her to lay down somewhere so she doesn't slip all over the laminate with her still-damp feet.

Then it's Ringo's turn. Same process, except he can hold his bladder, which is nice. Until I let him out - then he finds the nearest dog bed (which happens to be Hershey's naturally) and pees on that, so as soon as he's done I have to run him outside but keep him from rolling.

Fun, fun, fun. No wonder our dogs don't get baths very often!


Carley said...

oh man that is one pissed off dog!!!! Gotta love bath day:):)

The Alt Martha said...

I'm going to appreciate my little dog that much more! Hard to escape when you can't see over the bathtub rim!