Saturday, March 17, 2007

Menu recap

Well, as Amy pointed out to me, we ate out of order this week! But we did pretty well, right up till today...

Here's what we ACTUALLY ate:

Sunday: Tacos
Monday: Stuffed peppers (my sister-in-law was over and she really likes those)
Tuesday: Burger King
Wednesday: Corned beef hash
Thursday: Spinach and fontina pasta
Friday: Chicken and black beans (my friend who does South Beach was over - she can actually eat that).

And today, not only did we eat lunch out (we had to go out to the farm to borrow the truck, and when we go down there, we always take the opportunity to eat at our favorite burger joint in the whole world), but we got a Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner. And Blizzards from Dairy Queen for dessert. Yes, I could have made the BBQ chicken pizza, but we've been hauling dirt and working in the garden all day and it was just easier to whip out the Entertainment Book and get a half price pizza!

Now, to work on the menu plan for next week! Looks like I may even stick to my grocery budget for this pay check - payday is on Friday, and I think we have enough that I may only have to buy milk and bread! Yay!

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