Sunday, March 18, 2007

Menu, March 18 - 24

Here's this week's menu. As always, subject to change!

Sunday: leftovers (pizza and chicken and black beans)
Monday: Potato and chicken vinaigrette
Tuesday: Hamburger stroganoff
Wednesday: Chicken enchiladas
Thursday: Cube steak and mashed potatoes
Friday: Tuna casserole
Saturday: Pork Roast

Always fun to see how we come out at the end of the week!


MamaZuzi said...

So did you really eat what you said you'd eat the last 3 days? We ended up having pizza with friends Monday so that took the place of pasta. Otherwise we are on target!

kbeeps said...

Well, we really ate leftovers on Sunday!

Monday we needed to run some errands, and we were having ant issues, so we got KFC. But I'll be using the leftovers of that for the chicken enchiladas tomorrow!

Last night we had potstickers and fried cabbage (and he did use the "took the dog to the vet" excuse, by the way, exactly as I predicted!). Tonight we'll have the stroganoff, tomorrow the enchiladas, and then I'll figure out what I'm pushing out to next week...