Sunday, March 11, 2007

A new project

My friend Amy wants me to write a cookbook for her. Easy recipes that taste good (she has a first grader). Unfortunately, our diets are drastically different, but what the hey, I'll give it a shot. I'll have more information about this little project after I have lunch with her on Tuesday, but my brain is already working on it. I think what I'll do is set her up with a few recipes to start, and then give her a couple more each week till she begs me to stop.

Of course my problem is, I'm not exactly an original cook. My typical M.O. is to find a recipe I want to try, and then modify the heck out of it to suit my tastes. So technically they're my creations, but they started from someone else's. So I don't want to be blatantly stealing from others when I pass recipes along, but I guess in fact they're not the same, right?

I've decided to use my blog as my staging area. Who knows, maybe some others of you out in blogger land need some new ideas too. I welcome any comments or suggestions as I go along through the process!


MamaZuzi said...

I take it you haven't read my latest post :-) Tired of trying to get my squirts to eat... what should they have for lunch? What should they have for dinner? Ugh... You'll appreciate our Sunday dinner (though your hubbie wouldn't)... here:

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for Amy...

bee said...

I am really looking forward to following your recipes and ideas:)