Sunday, March 25, 2007

Menu, March 25 - April 6

Well, I went to the store today and I *think*, if I play my cards right (and hubby doesn't eat anything he's not supposed to, LOL!), that I should only have to buy milk and produce (and hopefully not too much produce) over the next two weeks. This is good because my grocery budget is SHOT. I just spent $90 at Winco!

I'm realizing that I need to make sure I have some leftovers each day for my lunches, too, because they've been sparse lately (mainly because we've been eating out too much, as usual).

Here's a list of what I'm planning to make for dinners during that time - I'm not assigning them to days because that hasn't worked out so well the last couple of weeks.

1. Tamale Pie
2. Beef Stew
3. Kielbasa and Cabbage
4. Baked Ziti
5. Tacos
6. Chicken and Black Beans
7. Irish Sundaes
8. Chicken and Stove Top
9. Hamburger Helper
10. Tuna casserole
11. "More" casserole (sorry gang, can't share this recipe with you because it's a family secret and hubby would be really, really mad)
12. Teriyaki chicken
13. Chicken and dumplings casserole
14. Chicken and broccoli calzones

Now, to stick to the plan!

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