Sunday, March 25, 2007

busy busy busy

I seem to be unable to sit still for more than 15 minutes today. That's weird for me. Normally I have no problem at all being completely lazy! But, I got up at 7:00 and so far I have:

Run two loads of dishes
Cleaned and flushed my new coffee maker (had to buy another Senseo to replace the one that didn't survive the ants)
Done two loads of laundry (not folded yet, though - I prefer to do that all at once)
Cooked a real breakfast (pancakes and bacon)
Done a major grocery shop and put everything away
Cut chuck steaks into stew meat
Changed the oil in my car
Played with the dogs
Cleaned out the produce bins in the fridge
Taken out the compost
Washed the pots and pans and knives
Written up our menu plan
Made up a spreadsheet of financial info for hubby in case anything ever happens to me (he asked me for this - here's hoping he's not plotting my demise, LOL!)

And it's only 4:25! I still have a few more loads of laundry to do, and a certain craft project that I have been procrastinating on far too long...

UPDATE: 6:47 p.m. I've also
Done two more loads of laundry (still not folded)
Browned two pounds of ground beef with onions and garlic, then divided it to make three meals (one for tonight's casserole, two bagged for the freezer)
Made granola bars (recipe to follow, but probably not tonight)
Made dinner
Got my milk mixed and ready to start a batch of yogurt (just have to time it right so it doesn't interrupt me in the middle of dinner, and so it's ready before I leave for work in the morning).

I think my energy is suddenly starting to wane...


MamaZuzi said...

Wow... what kind of energy drink are you drinking? I want some... yesterday we played with the tents, I took down the boy's laundry and hung up the girls (cheated and put mine in the dryer to have something in time for work), ate lunch, pulled together some photos for printing at grandma's (pirates, family stuff), put them in frames, picked up some strawberries and compost, planted girlie's flowers, .... well I did do something...

MamaZuzi said...

Oh yes... forgot as I rambled... I am very much looking forward to the bars recipe... glad you are doing this. Hope Amy is as happy about it as I am.

The Alt Martha said...

There was something in the air this weekend, I tell you! It was project, project, project for me as well. Either that or the fact that I had a flea epidemic in my bedroom last weekend, spent that weekend spraying and washing and doing laundry because of it and am now reluctant to go back in there. Too bad that is where the tv is. Or maybe that is a good thing.