Monday, January 09, 2017

What's in the freezer?

Over the weekend, I picked up my order of half a pig.  My sister-in-law have a farm and raise meat and we buy pork, chicken, and for the first time this year, turkey from them.  We love knowing how our meat was raised, and it always tastes fantastic! 

I have a medium-size upright freezer, and it gets FULL.  It's far easier to keep track of things in an upright than a chest freezer, but still things tend to get pushed to the back and forgotten.  For example, I thought we were out of bacon long ago, but when I was cleaning things out in anticipation of the new pork I found a lonely little pack buried in the far back corner.  So this time, when I was loading things in, I kept track of what I was putting in so I would know when I ran out of things.  Then I made it into a spreadsheet (pardon the terrible picture - I could never get the lighting right so I just held it in my hand!). 

I put a checkbox in for every package of that particular type of meat, and this list is now hanging on my fridge.  As I pull a package out of the freezer, I will cross out one box so I'll always know what I have left, and can go digging if something seems to have disappeared.  I left a few empty spots in case I buy other things (though that won't happen for a while because there's absolutely no room out there!).  I can also add extra boxes if necessary. 

I've tried a few other pantry inventory systems but I think this one will work out well.  I saved it on my computer so I can edit and reprint whenever I need to.

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