Monday, January 30, 2017

Menu Plan January 29 - February 4

Once again, we basically stuck to the menu plan last week!  I'm always thrilled when I can say that. I did switch Thursday and Friday's menus, because my husband ended up taking broccoli beef for lunch on Thurday (he takes a frozen entree every day so that happens sometimes.  I also have an uncanny knack for planning the exact same thing my daughter has for hot lunch.  Because great minds think alike).

Saturday night my daughter and I had a Girl Scout activity that involved pizza, so we haven't had the garlic noodles yet.  Other than that, we were right on target.

And here, courtesy of my handy-dandy white board, is this week's menu!

Except I've already changed it up...we had macaroni and cheese for lunch yesterday so I made Wednesday's minestone instead of noodles for dinner.  Still has pasta but it wasn't a focus (and actually I might leave it out next time).

Sunday:  Minestrone and rolls

Monday:  Chicken skillet (the frozen kind that you just dump in the pan and add water)

Tuesday:  Meatloaf and potatoes

Wednesday:  Chicken garlic noodles

Thursday:  Tuna casserole (we're getting awfully pasta heavy this week - this may become creamed tuna on biscuits)

Friday:  My daughter and I will have dinner at church.  Hubby will fend for himself.

Saturday:  Chicken paprikash

That's the week's plan!  Visit Menu Plan Monday for more great ideas, and have a great week, everybody! 

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