Sunday, January 15, 2017

Menu Plan January 15-21

Another week has come and gone - I can't believe we're halfway through January already!  Since it hasn't gone above freezing since it snowed (and some days, it was well below freezing  - it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit on my drive to work on Friday, which is almost unheard of around here), we're still covered in the white stuff.  Fortunately, the main roads are mostly clear, but the side roads in the neighborhoods are still mostly solid ice (and seriously rutted in some places). 

Being stuck at home for a couple of days meant that we did a good job of sticking to the menu.  Until Friday, when my family rebelled against the fish sticks I had planned.  I bought them because my daughter PROMISED me she'd eat them, but whatever, the fish sticks' day will come.  We ended up getting Panda Express that night. 

Saturday, I intended to make beef stew, but my daughter begged for chow mein, so I made that instead.  I used this recipe, though I substituted cashews for the almonds (because I had a can in the house from my niece's Girl Scout sales last fall and I figured it was time we used them up!), and I didn't actually measure any of the sauce ingredients, I just dumped them in.  I  did have to add some salt because my homemade chicken broth was seriously underseasoned.  It was delicious! 

Other than that, we stuck to the menu last week.  And here's what's coming up for this week:

Sunday:  Meaty Calzones (hubby wanted pizza for dinner on Saturday, but then we went out for lunch, so this was my compromise). 

Monday:  Swedish meatballs and spaetzle (a family favorite!)

Tuesday:  BBQ chicken sandwiches (except I think we're low on barbecue sauce - anyone have a good recipe?)

Wednesday:  Chicken fajitas

Thursday:  Hamburger casserole

Friday and Saturday are BUSY so we'll be eating those out. 

Have a great week everyone!  And remember to check out Menu Plan Monday if you need more inspiration!


Deanna said...

I keep meaning to do a blog post on my barbecue sauce. Basically I start by squeezing some ketchup into a sauce pan (close to the amount of sauce you'll ultimately want). Add a couple of squeezes of mustard, some brown sugar and garlic powder. I then add a splash of Jack Daniel's or other whiskey although you can leave this out. Simmer until heated through and the consistency you desire. This is the simple version but you can also start by cooking a little finely diced onion in butter before adding the other ingredients. Honey or maple syrup can be used in addition to or in place of the brown sugar. A drop or two of Liquid Smoke is good, too.

I followed you here from I'm an Organizing Junkie. If you'd like to see my menu here is the link:

Have a beautiful week!

kbeeps said...

Thanks Deanna - I'll try that!

Lisa said...

Looks like a good menu this week. I am also looking for ways to use up things in my pantry.

Come by for a visit:

Anonymous said...

We are in Salem. We didn't get this storm quite as bad as you did in Portland, but it's sure been wintry. I guess they are talking freezing rain in the morning for you, not sure about us.

It looks like you had a good week.