Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Car Salesmen - Ugh!!!

So now that hubby has signed the paperwork to become a permanent employee (GO HUBBY!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!), he's decided it's time for a new car. This is fine with me - I told him we could get one as soon as he got a permanent position. He's been driving crap cars for about four years now, and it'll be nice to get him into something reliable.

So Monday night, after going out to dinner to celebrate, we stopped at the local Toyota dealer. We just wanted to sit in one of their SUVs to see if he would fit (we haul a lot of stuff and would like to go camping with the dogs and the 4-wheeler during the summer, so we're either getting a mid-size SUV or a truck with a back seat big enough for kids). Our plan is to try some various makes out, see what hubby fits in (he's 6'6) and then save up some money. Of course, the second we got out of the car they swooped down like vultures.

After explaining why we were there, and emphasizing that WE AREN'T BUYING ANYTHING, the guy immediately tried to sell us a $20,000 car. Um, hellooooooooooooooo! Not buying! Then, when we didn't take the bait, and were about to leave, he said "hang on, I'll go get my card." Came back out with the sales manager who not only tried to convince us to go for a drive to their other lot to see another car, but also tried to tell us that the only difference in gas mileage between a V6 and a V8 is one mile per gallon. Yeah. We'd like to see some concrete proof of that, please!

Anyway, it was 10 more minutes before we could make a graceful exit (next time I'll just grab my head and start screaming. That should get their attention). And now I have no desire to shop for cars.



MamaZuzi said...

Never have been able to stand 'em. Good thing I almost never buy new cars from or even old ones from dealers.

The Alt Martha said...

I feel your pain! Luckily I knew for sure what I was buying before I had to step foot on the lot (and I had already negotiated the price via the internet). Maybe you could go to the next car show and sit in several?