Monday, May 28, 2007

An unplanned weekend

We had no plans for this weekend. We like it that way - gives us freedom to do what we want, or we can be antisocial if we want to (our usual M.O. - we may be the most antisocial married couple on the planet, I'm not sure!).

Saturday we took the dogs up in the mountains. We were checking out the area where we usually camp to see if our favorite camping spot is still there (it's been a couple of years). It's a beautiful, private little spot at the bottom of a ravine, next to a creek. We haul all our camping gear down the hill from the car - and it's totally worth the effort! Unfortunately, they've done some selective logging at our spot, and, while it's still campable, the trails down from the parking lot have been decimated and it's no longer private. Ah, well, that's what we get for camping on Weyerhaeuser land, I suppose. There are, we're sure, plenty of camping spots farther in but since we'd already high centered my poor car twice, we didn't go in any further.

So, we took the dogs for a hike and then headed out. Stopped on the way home to visit hubby's dad and stepmom. They just got back from a road trip to Arizona and told us all about their adventures.

Sunday, I was sick and wasn't about to leave the house. Hubby was cleaning out the shed (finally finished on the outside, yay!), and wanted to burn some scrap wood, so I sat by our outdoor fireplace and fed the fire while reading my book. Then I went to bed about 5:00 and watched a bunch of Northern Exposure episodes and a fabulous movie - The World's Fastest Indian.

Today, we went to Home Depot to buy some shelving materials for the shed. Hubby fell in love with the Fast Track System, so we bought a bunch of that stuff plus the shelving. At least we'll be organized! After lunch we're heading to the movie theatre so I can get my Johnny Depp fix, and then I'm making us a real dinner - grilled chicken, orzo and rice pilaf, and a green salad from the garden.

Hope you all are having/had a great weekend!

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