Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's Friday, everybody! Hope you all had a good, productive week. I was planning to go out today, but it turns out it's a nightmare allergy day (I could really use that rain they're predicting this weekend!), so I'm staying in and having a kitchen day. My plan is to:

- Pre-cook some sausage crumbles and bacon, to have in the freezer ready to go for various recipes.

- Make a batch of lentil-rice balls, to have in individual serving sizes in the freezer for when there isn't anything else to take for lunch.

- Make some oven-fried chicken fingers and potato salad for our picnic tomorrow (we're going to Enchanted Forest for our niece's birthday, and we really don't want to pay the prices for food there, so we're going to be the cheap ones who go back to the car to eat!).

- Make some bran muffins and ginger scones for snacks.

And, whatever else I find I want to do throughout the day. Normally on kitchen days I do things like make meatballs to freeze, pre-cook chicken for casseroles and such, and things like that, but we're low on ground beef (and I have to save some for tacos), and for once I don't have any chicken thighs awaiting the boiling pot, so I won't do that either. So I guess it's really a mini-cooking day.

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