Sunday, September 06, 2015

Menu Plan - Sept. 6 - 13

Two weeks ago, I made a menu plan and, for the most part, we stuck with it.  Last weekend I was so busy we didn't have time to put a menu plan together and we ate fast food four times.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Caitlyn's weekly night to cook has gone well so far (for all two weeks we've done it, anyway).  She's having a great time thinking up what she wants to cook.  This week she's going to do two nights, because she really wanted to make salad bar last week but we didn't get to the store to get the extra veggies that requires.  So instead, she picked teriyaki chicken.  She made the sauce, spread it on the chicken, and got it into and out of the oven.  We had rice in the freezer so she reheated that in the microwave.  Meanwhile, I sauteed some cabbage and onions for a veggie side.

Here's the plan for this week, in no particular order (mainly because I rarely know until I'm about to make it what I'm actually going to choose that evening):

Salad bar (Caitlyn's dinner)
Ramen Egg Flower Soup (Caitlyn's dinner - and her recipe!)
Spanish Rice Casserole (I love this recipe, in spite of the fact that the ingredient list is a mile long)
Kielbasa and Cabbage 
Impossible Pie
Broccoli Beef
Italian Shred

That's the plan, anyway.  Have a great week, everyone!

I'm posting this at Menu Plan Monday on!

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