Saturday, November 09, 2013

Menu Plan November 9 - 16

It's been a while since I've done a formal menu plan.  I can tell, too, because we've been eating out far more than is healthy for our bodies or our budget.  Life has gotten a bit overwhelming as of late, so I'm taking a step back and refocusing.

We are blessed in that our pantry and freezers are full to bursting.  I just ordered 1/4 of a pig, which will be here in a month or so, so I need to start eating things down to make room for all that wonderful bacon, ham, and sausage!  Hubby needs more ketchup from Costco (ketchup is one of his main food groups), but there literally is not an inch of space available in the pantry to put it, so for the next four weeks, we're eating out of the pantry and freezer and I'm going to try to only buy fresh food (bread, produce, cheese, milk etc.)  We'll see how I do...

This week, due to swimming lessons and meetings, I need quick and easy dinners for four out of the five weeknights.  So here's the plan, in no particular order:

Chili and cornbread
broccoli cheese soup, muffins, and salad
chicken and rice
Irish Sundaes
broccoli beef
sausage and pepper penne
Sweet & sour pork

One night I'll be out with my coworkers, so hubby and my daughter will do their own thing (which usually means either frozen burritos smothered in chili or going out to Taco Bell.  

Have a great week, everybody!  And remember to visit Menu Plan Monday at for more great menu ideas!

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