Sunday, November 24, 2013

Menu Plan Nov. 24 - 30

Last week was a menu-following disaster.  I started out with the best intentions, but ended up making exactly one thing that was on our list.  First, I went to make beef stew and discovered that we didn't actually have any stew beef, though I could have sworn I saw some in the freezer.  Then, I went to get the corned beef for the hash and discovered that the corned beef has been in a ziploc bag in the freezer for almost two years (more freezer burn than meat there!).

So that night I ended up cooking cheese ravioli, pierogi style, which actually turned out REALLY well.  I just boiled some frozen ravioli according to the directions.  While that was cooking, I sauteed a sliced onion in butter in my big cast iron pan(I may have thrown in a couple of garlic cloves, too - it would be bizarre if I hadn't).  Then, once the ravioli was drained, I put it in the pan with the onions and sauteed it for a couple of minutes.  Add a side salad and presto!  20 minute meatless meal.  Delicious! 

Other than that, I really don't remember what we ate.  There was a lot of fast food involved (like the afternoon that all hell broke loose at work and as soon as I walked in the door hubby took one look at me and asked what we were picking up for dinner). Friday night I made taco salad.  Last night I made a full-on wonderful dinner, salisbury steak with garlic mashed potatoes and honey dill carrots. 

So last week's menu looks a lot like this week's.  Except it actually IS Thanksgiving week!  Yay!  Three day work week! 

So here's what we're going for this week:

Beef Stew (I will be buying stew beef!)
Chicken crescents
Baked ziti
Spaetzle Gratin

I took chicken and stuffing off the menu because, well, Thanksgiving.

Thursday and Saturday are both family dinner days, so I don't have to plan meals for those days.  Thursday we're bringing spinach dip and orange jello ambrosia-style salad.  Saturday we're bringing an appetizer (haven't decided what yet) and a birthday cake. 

So that's the plan.  Have a wonderful week and, for those of you in the USA, happy Thanksgiving!

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