Saturday, October 19, 2013

Purging Purging Purging

I'm happy to report that I stuck to my purging plan for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!!  That might be a record for me.  During that time, I donated/tossed/recycled

  • 10 books
  • 8 magazines
  • a canning jar wrench
  • a candy thermometer
  • two meat thermometers
  • the "stick blender" attachment for my hand mixer that never actually worked
  • 2 oil bottle spouts
  • 2 paring knives
  • a tea ball
  • a grease mop
  • a pair of outgrown child's shoes
  • 12 documents (scanned and shredded)

Not a bad start, right?  And, then life happened.  Why I decided to start this little change the week of our biggest event of the year at work I'm not sure, but I had to work late two nights in a row, so I stopped, and then I forgot to start again. 

So yesterday, 10 days later, I decided to take on a couple of boxes while I sat at watched Ghost Hunters (because I can no longer just sit and WATCH Ghost Hunters, I have to be doing something else too, so I'm not sure why I bother).  I snagged a box that has been sitting in my living room for, oh, I don't know, four or five years, maybe.  Figured if I haven't needed whatever was in it in all that time, well, it could probably go.

From that box, I managed to eliminate:
  • 11 picture frames
  • 2 decorative oil lamps
  • 2 crystal penguins
  • teacup and saucer set
And then I went into our bathroom closet and pulled out the "First Aid and Medications" box which hadn't been opened, well, in a really long time.  From that, I purged 15 expired medications and two children's thermometers.  

I've also started flipping through one or two magazines each morning while I drink my coffee.  Hopefully this means that in six months or so, my giant basket of magazines will no longer exist.

So I think my activities last night may have completely made up for my little break there.  Onward and upward! 

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