Saturday, October 19, 2013

I don't know what happened.

While I will freely admit that I am doing everything in my power to procrastinate on making my daughter's Halloween costume, I don't think even THAT can explain what happened today.  Maybe it's because I thought my laptop was dead (turns out it wasn't, thank goodness!) and I wasn't sure what to do with myself.  Maybe it's Nony's fault (I started listening to her podcasts yesterday).  Maybe my body was overtaken by aliens.

At any rate, I woke up EARLY this morning.  Way too early for a Saturday.  Like, 5:45 or something silly like that (which would be sleeping in if it were a weekday - my hubby had to work today, and he usually works Monday - Friday, so maybe my brain was confused).  Got up, made my coffee, and sat down at the computer to do my usual Swagbucks routine.  

Went to get my second cup of coffee and realized that the dishwasher was still full from last night's running (on the weekdays hubby usually empties it but he had to leave an hour earlier than his usual, so he didn't take the time today).  So, I unloaded it.  Then, after breakfast I put the breakfast dishes in it (turns out this is a pattern that would continue ALL DAY LONG - what the heck?). 

I sat down at the computer again and decided I didn't want to be there.  So I went in the bedroom and folded a load of laundry.  Then I did another one.  Then I went to put some towels away and realized the first aid box from last night's decluttering session was still on the kitchen table.  So I put it away.  And cleared a little bit off the bathroom counter and put it away too. 

Then I looked at a big pile of stuff that has been sitting on my bedroom floor for goodness knows how long, preventing me from fully closing my closet door.  So I went through that.  Turned out most of it was stuff needing to be donated.  Then I pulled down the bin of winter hats/gloves/scarves/misc. stuff off my closet shelf and went through that.  Gave my girl the elbow-length fingerless gloves I think I wore to junior prom (!) and a silk scarf for dress-up, and much of the rest also went in the donation pile.  Pulled a few things out of my closet that I know I'll never wear again and added those to the pile too.

Then I remembered that I wanted to start carefully weeding out some of my daughter's board books that she was never really into.  So while she was busy watching My Little Pony, I snuck in and snagged five of them.  Added to the donate pile.  Then I sent her out to her shoe bin to pull out all the shoes that are too small for her (kids' feet DO stop growing so fast someday, right?).  Donate, donate, donate.

Wrote down all that donation material for our tax records and, by 10:30, I had already filled two big black trash bags and one box with items to donate. 

Took a break, and then started tackling the laundry - washing, drying, folding - seven or so loads, several of which were already washed and just waiting to be folded.  As I folded, I sorted out more clothes that were either too big for me or too small for my daughter, and added them to the pile. 

Then I went grocery shopping.

THEN I decided I'd better get off my tush and start working on my daughter's Halloween costume.  I suppose if I sewed more often I'd get faster at pinning and cutting, wouldn't I?  Got two pieces cut out but I have to go to the fabric store to get a fabric pen before I can cut out the other four.......

Made dinner, and put the prep dishes in the dishwasher as I went.  Finished eating and washed out the pan.  The dishwasher is ready to be run at bedtime.  Did a couple more loads of laundry, folding as I went.

VERY productive day.  I have no idea where it came from!

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