Saturday, January 07, 2012

Starting a book list

A few months ago, I bought two beautiful journals from Paper Coterie.  Both of them have my daughter's picture on the cover.  When I bought them, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, but I knew they'd have something to do with Caitlyn.  I keep thinking one of them will be for writing down the funny and amazing things she says, but I seem to always forget to actually write them down (though I'd get several if I spent some time combing through my posts on Facebook). 

A while back I read a really great memoir by a daughter whose father who made the commitment to read to her every night.  It started when she was in fourth grade, and didn't stop until the day he dropped her off at college.  The Reading Promise intertwines the stories they read with the events that were happening in their lives at the the time.  I consider it a must-read.

One of the things that disappointed me, though, was that they didn't keep a list of the books they read together.  I think that would be such a great resource to have - something she could build on someday when she has her own children.  I remember several books my parents read to me when I was a child, but not all.  I remember Mom cringing, and eventually refusing, every time I asked her to read Fox in Socks.  I know they must have read Flip at least a hundred times, because it was the first book I remember actually "reading" on my own so I must have had it memorized. 

So, I've decided that one of those journals will be used to keep a running list of all the books Caitlyn and I read together.  Most nights, we only have time for one or two books, but some days we read more.  We've been reading Walter the Farting Dog for 13 days straight, ever since she got it for Christmas, but I'm sure at some point she'll go back to wanting a little variety in her nightly reading selections! 

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