Sunday, November 20, 2011

Menu Plan November 21 - 25

First of all, I have to tell you, I finally made chicken and bows!  Since I'm completely unable to leave any recipe well enough alone, I made some modifications and was quite pleased with the results.  Only thing I didn't like was the bows - I bought some of that Barilla Plus pasta, which never quite gets to a soft enough texture for our taste.  So next time I'll make it with good old fashioned unhealthy white pasta, and I'm sure it will be much better.  I need to post the revised recipe before I forget what I did!

And now, on to this week.  This will be a short menu week for us, as we have Thanksgiving dinners on BOTH Thursday and Friday.  Have to love that!

Monday:  Pasta e Fagioli (I already have the sausage cooked, and I'll use orzo pasta, so this should come together very quickly).

Tuesday:  Taco salad

Wednesday:  cranberry chicken (just like my cranberry pork, but with chicken tenderloins instead)

Thursday:  Dinner with hubby's family.  I'm taking spinach dip and an orange ambrosia-type jello salad.

Friday:  Dinner with my family.  I'm taking a veggie tray, jello, and my daughter's birthday cake.  possibly more if my mom needs help, but that's all I know for now!

I may flip-flop Monday and Tuesday.  We'll see how it goes.

To those of you in the US (and those abroad who celebrate US holidays), have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.  To those of you who don't celebrate Thanksgiving this week, have a great week!  Ah, what the heck, you be safe too.  :-)  And remember to visit Menu Plan Monday at for lots of great menu ideas!

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