Monday, October 31, 2011

Menu Plan October 31 - November 4

I just looked at last week's menu, and I can't actually remember what we ate!  We did eat a few things off the menu, but not everything, and I'm at a loss as to what we ate on what days.  On to another week...

This week is great because I have to work from home on Wednesday, so I only have one day that I work till 6:00.  Wish that day wasn't Halloween, but we do what we have to, right? 

Here's the plan:

Monday:  Take out (not sure what yet, probably burgers.  It was supposed to be leftover pizza, but we totally burned the pizza last night, so that was a complete waste of two meals and $12.  I was so bummed!).

Tuesday:  Creamed tuna on biscuits

Wednesday:  Chicken and bows (why yes, I AM determined to make this recipe!)

Thursday:  Cheesesteak sandwiches

Friday:  Teriyaki chicken (I'll post a recipe for this as soon as I dig it out of my files.  Super easy and really good!)

Have a great week, everyone!  And please visit for tons of great menu ideas!

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