Monday, December 15, 2008

We haven't slept... two days. OH MY GOD I'M TIRED.

She sleeps great during the day, and then cries all night. I hope to heaven we can get through the snow to our mother-baby appointment this afternoon, because we could sure use some professional support right now!


Norma said...

Oh dear. Hang in there. I hope you get to your appointment too. Take care. Norma.

nikeathena said...

Good luck! The roads are better today than they were yesterday. I hope your appointment goes well.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you were able to get to the appointment and that you were encouraged by it! :)

Debbie (Poohbear)

Heather said...

Hi Karen,
congrats! December 9th is my older brother's birthday and my grandmother and her twin sister (imagine that). What a great day! I highly recommend the DVD/Book "The Happiest Baby on the Block". Xander was a cranky one and that helped us a lot!
Hang in there!
Heather Rhone

Anonymous said...

hang in there! call me if you need any support! xo amy