Friday, December 12, 2008

A quick update

With more to follow, as soon as I have a little more time and energy.

Caitlyn Claire arrived via c-section at 1:16 am on Tuesday, December 9. She was 10 pounds, 4 ounces, and 22 1/4 inches long. Yep, we grow 'em big around here (and to think my doctor was worried about low birth weight!).

We weren't expecting a c-section, but everything worked out fine in the end, and she's perfectly healthy. We just got home from the hospital early this afternoon and have had time for one feeding and introducing her to the friendly beasts (who all want to be REALLY friendly with her, because, well, she smells like milk, LOL!).

I'll post more details later but, well, for now, I'm TIRED...


jijoy said... cute..

Diane said...

I've been checking and checking...Congratulations! I'm glad there were no complications. She looks happy to be in the world. Lots of hair! Can't wait to meet her in person.

nikeathena said...

She is beautiful! I'm glad everything worked out well for you. Enjoy your new little one! =)

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful! :) I am so happy for you! I am glad you are all doing well! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

Debbie (Poohbear)

Anonymous said...


Get lots of rest and take all the painkillers you need - really. Your body doesn't recover if you're tense from pain. Now I'll stop bossing you about and let you get back to cuddling your beautiful little girl :)