Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This week's menu

I'm on vacation this week, so I'm taking some time to get my kitchen in order and do some serious menu planning. I'm going to pull out my cookbooks and all my internet printouts and come up with a list of all the food I used to make that I never make anymore, mainly because I can never remember what I used to make! There are also a ton of new recipes that I've been wanting to try. The biggest challenge is figuring out what to make first! Larry's still not over the Great Creamed Salmon Disaster of 2002, so I have to be careful to spread out the new stuff.

Here's this week's menu (you'll notice it looks an awful lot like last week's menu. Let's just say we were less than diligent about eating at home last week).

Sunday: Taco salad

Monday: Kielbasa and Cabbage (and I'm eating the leftovers for breakfast - yum,yum!)

Today: "More" casserole - a family recipe of Larry's. I guess they call it that because everyone always wants more. It is very good!

Wednesday: Mom and I are going to the beach for the day, so I'll probably pick up a pizza on the way home

Thursday: Roasted sticky chicken (this is a new recipe I keep hearing about)

Friday: Stuffed peppers (this is great because the filling is already made and in my freezer, so I just have to thaw the filling, parboil the peppers, throw some cheese on top and bake. Easy peasy!)

Saturday: I have Spanish Rice casserole on my list (recipe from www.tammysrecipes.com), but now that I think about it, Larry won't be home for dinner that night so I can make something he doesn't like. Hmm...the possibilities...it may be time to break out the Manwich can!


Anonymous said...

I'm just certain hubby would love you forever if you planned our menus. It is a much-dreaded event every week although we are trying to incorporate food requests as part of family meetings to make it a wee bit less dreaded. Going to the beach? I wanna go, but alas I can't. The boy doesn't have school and I'm parent helping at preschool so... another time. We do need to make a date to go shopping (for thrifty inexpensive things) or go for drinks or something.

kbeeps said...

Well, you're always welcome to steal my menus! They're not always the most exciting things on the planet, of course...

Anonymous said...

By the way, the problem with this menu thing is that then you usually only post about once a week.

kbeeps said...

What can I say - I'm on vacation and I have nothing to say this week! :-)