Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hey OJ!

People who are truly innocent don't write books making up ways that they would commit the crime. People who are truly innocent mourn the ones they loved. And they certainly don't go on Fox news giving lengthy interviews about how they would have done it, had they had the chance.

Just a tip.


The Rummager said...

Funny...given your other entries, when I saw OJ, I thought you meant orange juice.

kbeeps said...

Hey - I'm not totally one-sided! There are AT LEAST five minutes every day when I'm not thinking about food... :-)

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong... but I think you have a point there. The guy is a complete freak and shouldn't be walking around freely but "hey" if the glove doesn't fit, you can't acquit or something doofy like that.

It might be fun and ironic to somehow make your next entry about the other kinder gentler form of OJ as rummaging mentions