Monday, October 09, 2006

What a weekend!

This was a wonderful weekend. I'm finally feeling mostly like myself again. Still crampy, still having hot flashes, still having the occasional emotional outburst, but I can laugh without feeling like I'm faking it.

Friday night I met a dear friend for dinner. I finally made it to the Cheesecake Factory! Yay! And it was everything everyone said it would be. SO GOOD! We ate way too much. We talked, and laughed, and had a wonderful time. It was good for my soul. Then we wandered the mall for a bit because we were both so stuffed the last thing we wanted to do was sit in a car to drive home!

Saturday Larry and I went with his family (minus dad and stepmom) to the pumpkin patch. That was hard as we were there because the club his sister is in for parents of multiples was having a party there. Babies and adorable little kids EVERYWHERE! I had a few moments of jealous sadness but I got some quality snuggling time in with the twins. Once again we joked about my taking one off their hands - my SIL sounded like she was almost willing!

Yesterday was cleaning day. The kitchen, dining room and living room are now almost totally clean (still need to dust, mop, etc.). The dog crate is in the attic (Ringo's a big boy now!), so there's more open space in the dining room (until we get our woodstove, of course). I even did some filing. SHOCKING! :-)

Busy, busy weekend. And now it's Monday, back to the grind. I dreamt of grantwriting on Saturday night, so obviously I'm feeling a little pressure...and it's self-evaluation day. Oh, how I hate this time of year. I'm always afraid I'll get a crappy evaluation and I won't know how to respond. I'm my own worst critic, I think, and this year, late summer/early fall have been worse than most because of my horrible hormonal attitude. But, we'll see how it goes...

Oh, and today is my SIL's due date - I'll be an aunt again any time!


Anonymous said...

O.K. this beta blogger thing can be annoying - just wrote about how I'm happy your hiatus was short, how you can come and clean at my house since you've done so much at your place and how on many many days, I'd be willing to give you one of my babies... although they aren't as cuddly as bitty ones. Welcome back.

kbeeps said...

You know I'd take them! The girl and I could throw some wicked tantrums together... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Of course if you were both tantruming you might not get to notice the other one... poor brother boy!

On a side note... since the Bd Mktg committee can't seem to meet any time other than Friday afternoons, there is a rumor you may be enlisted for babysitting... trouble is - the boy still has soccer during that time. Humph.