Monday, October 24, 2005

Oh my aching gums!

Funny thing about blogs - you tell people they're there and all of a sudden you have to keep up the darn thing... :-)

Just kidding. If you want to read about my boring life, I don't mind typing!

I had to go to the dentist today. Routine 6-month checkup. My dentist has been my dentist since before I had teeth, so we have a good repoire. His office is an hour from home and a half hour from work, so if we didn't, you can bet I wouldn't go there anymore! All the hygienists are great, doesn't matter which one I get.

I'm not a flosser. I just admit this the second I walk in the door. Hi, I'm Karen and I don't floss my teeth. I figure, they're going to notice the second they look in my mouth so I may as well be honest about it!

Well, today my hygienist really gave me a work over. She decided to measure my gums. So I'm laying there as she stabs my gums all over and then sits back to see where they bleed. I was sitting there, joking and laughing with her about it being my "punishment" for not flossing. Seriously, I was doing ok. Then we went on with the usual routine stuff, I saw the dentist, and left.

Got out to my car and proceeded to try to eat my peanut butter sandwich. That hurt! I thought my teeth were going to fall out of my head! Then I got back to the office and tried to eat my waldorf salad. Apples, nuts, raisins, celery. Yeah. Good choice for dentist day, Karen!

So guess who's flossing from now on? But not tonight! And maybe not tomorrow either - my teeth might fall out!

We'll see how I do after my filling in three weeks...

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