Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All the pretty colors

Larry and I are undertaking a major house project. Well, he's doing most of the work and I'm admiring it when I get home every night. We're painting the walls and putting new flooring in the living room, hallway, and dining area (which is this totally ambiguous space that's open to the kitchen, but not really a part of it, but not a separate room). It's going to look fabulous when it's finished. I'm taking pictures on my film camera (Gasp! Shock! Yes, I still use a film camera. Larry has a digital but I haven't brought myself into the digital age yet). When they're developed I'll try to upload them here...

Anyway, we're having some adventures. We picked a great shade of yellow for the hallway. Under the compact fluorescent light bulb, it turned a sickly shade of green. So now we have a REAL light bulb in the hallway fixture, because, well, it's SO much easier than having Larry repaint the hall!

We picked a really light, almost ice blue for the living room. We also picked a darker blue to put on some paneling on the lower part of the wall, then discovered that the paneling is just a bit out of our budget at the that's on hold.

The dining area will be light green. We're getting done with the living room and hall first, then will move all the furniture back to the living room, and do the dining area.

Larry's also going to make new cupboard doors for the kitchen cupboards. Those will be painted dark green and antique white (to pull in the ugly 1980s countertops we're not quite ready to replace yet).

My house is going to look SO GOOD when it's done! Now, if we could only fast forward to finishing day... :-)


MommyRobin said...

I love colors on walls! My living room and kitchen are like, a butternut squash color, which goes well with my rustic decor. DH picked it out. Fil did most of the painting. Colrs can really make all the difference! Cool blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I just typed on here and lost it all.hmmmmmm have to try this again:)

I love the way you describe is like I can see it in my head ,you really do word it so well and it will be absolutly beautiful.

I am on a mission too, I want to paint my living room this coming weekend a light taupe colour.....then I think that I am going to buy a slip cover for my recliner love seat....I wonder if that will work .....slip covers over reclining furniture?....anywhoooo I feel like I need a change.

Your home is going to be absolutly gorgeous , it sounds so pretty:)

Keep updating on your renovations.

Happy painting/renovating