Saturday, October 22, 2005

Confessions of a Forum Junkie

I love forums. I freely admit it. I think I'm up to eight that I visit nearly every day. Some have a frugal living focus. Some have a simple living focus (no, they're not quite the same thing). Some are quite conservative. Some are quite liberal. Some are decidedly Christian in focus, others definitely are not. When forced to go a day without forums, I miss them horribly - these lovely people have become my friends, and it feels foreign to me to be out of contact with them.

I've learned so much from my forums. Some of it has greatly helped my budget (homemade laundry soap, energy and water saving ideas, where to find cheap books), some of it has created greater expenses (Penzey's spices, Intelligentsia coffee, where to find cheap books). But oh my I have fun!

I've made so many new friends, and gotten so many great tips and recipes (oh, the recipes!). all my forum friends...thank you, you are awesome!


MommyRobin said...

Oh, honey, I can't go too long without you, either, and in fact, am a blog junkie. I check yours a few times a day. Is that sick, or is it sad? I can't quite decide...
~Fellow Forum Friend,

kbeeps said...

I am SO jazzed because I wrote this on Saturday and when I tried to post it, it got caught in a loop and I thought it didn't go. Woo hoo! It's there! Yay!