Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden 2012

This is the time of year when I am at my most eager (and most obsessive) about the garden.  For some reason, I get the biggest thrill out of getting those first seeds in the ground.  If only it would's typically all downhill from here, and by mid-July I'm just tired of it. 

This year, I'm counting on my garden more than ever, since my hubby only has two months of work left and we're not sure what will be next for him.  This means I have to be more attentive to it than ever, and focus on finding new and creative ways to use our bounty. 

Today, we got our garden started for the year. Well, technically I started last weekend, because that was when I started the lettuce, onion, and leek seeds on the window sill, but today we got out in the dirt.  We pulled the last of the kale, cleared out the weeds (every year I tell myself I'm going to plant a cover crop!), tilled up the dirt, and planted peas, lettuce, chard, and radishes.  Mission accomplished, garden started.

I realize it's supposed to snow on Tuesday, so I'm not sure how much will grow, but I've had luck with all of them in the snow in the past, so hopefully we'll be good to go. 

Happy gardening!

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