Sunday, October 05, 2008

Decluttering, continued

Ok, ok, so the decluttering is going in fits and spurts, rather than on a consistent, week to week basis.'s a cleaning day (well, hubby is cleaning, I'm doing bits and pieces but generally sitting around and hoping he doesn't notice, LOL!).

We're about to take a load to Goodwill, and it has, among other things, an old free weight set, my Ouija board that I've had for about 15 years and only used once or twice, a box of misc. kitchen crap, seven VHS movies (I'm slowly replacing my VHS stuff with DVDs), a garden watering kit we bought, hated, and never returned, an old TV, a bunch of old computer stuff, and who knows what else - the truck is looking kind of full! So, see, even though it's not consistent, at least it's happening! Have to do SOMETHING to make up for the piles of baby stuff that keep making their way into the house!

Next weekend is a hazardous waste pickup not too far from my house, so we'll be getting rid of even more. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Not the Ouiji Board!!!!!!!!

kbeeps said...

Yes, sadly, the Ouiji Board had to go. Do you know how many people think that Ouiji Boards are real??? I had better luck getting people to play Twister than to play with that!