Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekly check-in

Well, I'm a bit late with my weekly check-in, but mainly it's because I can't remember what happened last week with regards to eating out! I know we ate out some - I distinctly remember a trip to Izzy's and maybe a burger or three...

In my defense, I coordinated the food (and cooked some of it) for my grandpa's memorial service on Saturday, so things were a bit crazy.

Because of that, we also took the week off of cleaning. Hubby was sick half the week, I was up to my eyeballs in meatballs and potato salad, and we were facing our last two really gruesome rooms. So we gave ourselves an extra week. We're back on track this week!

So there you have it...

And I don't think I'll be participating in Kitchen Tip Tuesday this week, either - my mind is blank. Check back in next week - maybe I'll have another exciting tip by then!

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