Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Dog Biscuits

We were cleaning out the spare room this past weekend, and I ran across this recipe. I made them the summer I was a nanny, it was one of the projects I did with the kids. Dogs love them! I remember showing my mom the recipe, and she said "sheesh - the dogs will eat better than we do!"

3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups rye flour
2 cups cracked wheat
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/2 cup nonfat dry milk
2 t. salt
1 pkg. dry yeast
1 pint chicken stock
1 egg
1 tablespoon milk, for brushing

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Dissolve yeast in 1/4 cup warm water and add to the liquid. Pour into dry ingredients and mix well. Knead for about three minutes - the dough will be very stiff. Turn dough out onto a floured board. Roll to 1/4 inch thickness, and cut into desired shapes (we just used cookie cutters, but if you have a bone-shaped cutter that would be fun). Bake on a greased cookie sheet for 45 minutes. Turn off the heat and leave in the oven overnight to harden.

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MamaZuzi said...

We have a good one with peanut butter in it - less ingredients. Meant to make it before the holiday but alas Dempsey will have to wait a bit longer.