Monday, August 20, 2007

What an odd day!

I don't know what came over me yesterday. It started out like any other Sunday - get up, drink coffee, cruise the forums. And then, without warning, I was the spirit of Little Suzy Homemaker.

First, Hubby and I made breakfast together. Then...

I cooked.
I baked.
I cleaned.
I took out the garbage. . . AND replaced the garbage bag!
I mended.
I sewed.
I grocery shopped. . . and I put the food away.
I did four loads of laundry. . . and I put the clothes away.
And I worked on a volunteer project for a friend's auction.

And then Hubby and I made dinner together.

Seriously, it was strange. I went on a mad baking spree, making two kinds of quick bread (see other post) and some granola. I made up a batch of bean, cheese and rice squares for my lunches this week. And I did the dishes when I was done.

I fixed a couple of skirts that have needed mending for weeks. I replaced a broken button on one of hubby's shirts, and a pair of his shorts with a ripped-out belt loop.

I finished the computer room curtains, a project that has been sitting in my sewing pile for three years. When we bought our house, I had a misguided fit of creativity and told Hubby I'd make the curtains for the computer room and bedroom. We've had blankets on our windows ever since. Yes, it only involved 12 seams (11 actually because I cheated on the last hem), but I could just never quite talk myself into finishing them. Well, they're not perfect, but they're on the window!

And then hubby and I made dinner together - grilled chicken nachos with homemade pico de gallo, made with tomatoes and onions right out of our garden, and jalapenos out of the freezer from last year's garden. Supplemented with fresh garlic, lime juice, salt and cilantro (which normally would be out of our garden but this year our plant didn't produce). Good stuff!

What a bizarre day. And now it's Monday, back to work. Here's to a great week!


Carley said...

Wow girl, you are out of control.....

Kimmer said...

I love those ├╝ber-productive days! Not that I have them very often . . .

Norma said...

Now tell me EXACTLY what you did leading up to this moment because I NEED one of those days soooooo bad. :) Sounds like a great day to me. I love when I get to be a domestic goddess because it doesn't happen often.

kbeeps said...

Well, let's see. First I had an extra cup of coffee...and hubby decided on Saturday he wanted to make this one breakfast we used to make all the time, so I reminded him of that, and he'd cleaned the kitchen most of the way on Saturday so it was pleasant to be cooking, and I had all the sewing stuff out on Friday because I was working on the curtains, so it was still sitting on the kitchen table, and I grabbed his shorts with the ripped out belt loop to put them in the laundry and decided that I shouldn't put it in the washer because the hole would just get bigger, and then Ringo started eating out of the garbage can and it was too full to put back under the sink, and...well...I'm not exactly sure how it all happened! :-)

Anonymous said...

As SOOn as you you start feeling like this agin- please, please come to my house! LOLOL I haven't been very productive in ages and I need help! Lindafisk