Sunday, January 07, 2007

Today's task

Seems like I'm better at doing big weekend chunks of housecleaning, rather than little daily chunks. I guess as long as it gets done it's ok, huh?

Today I cleaned the kitchen (we messed it up pretty bad yesterday, with my baking and hubby's ice cream making). And took down the Christmas stuff. Now hubby just needs to haul it all up to the attic!

In a bit (as soon as I can convince him to get off the computer!) we're going to go buy some kind of baskets or something to organize the freezer over the fridge better. stuff just slides all over the place in there so it's hard to keep it organized...

1 comment:

Carley said...

yeaaaaaa.... good for you... i got to my garage today. it was fun....woo hoo for us..