Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do dogs remember?

The last two mornings we've had some snow. This morning there's some ice mixed in there just for fun, too. Which makes me wonder...do dogs remember? I've always heard that dogs just live in the moment, but I'm not so sure...

Last winter we had one really snowy day. We let the dogs out to play, and when they came back in Hershey was bleeding all over the place. She had somehow managed to rip a big hole in one of her pads. It took about two months to heal, which was a pretty traumatic experience for her because not only did she have to get it cleaned out all the time, she had to wear one of those collars, but it was too short and she could still rip her bandages off, so Larry extended it with cardboard. Which meant that she couldn't really see where she was going and she kept running (literally) into door frames. It was as if she thought if she went at the doorway fast enough, she'd just sail through it... Anyway, she was a pretty miserable dog for a couple of months!

Fast forward to yesterday. Woke up to about half an inch of snow on the ground. Ringo went bounding out into it, but Hershey, well, Hershey barely made it out the door. She was NOT happy about having to go outside! She stepped very tentatively through the snow, slowly, taking her own sweet time. she did the same thing again this morning. And she won't play with Ringo out there no matter what he does.

It really makes me wonder - does snow equal pain for her? Does she remember? Is she afraid it will happen again? Hmm...things to ponder...

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