Monday, February 06, 2017

Menu Plan February 5-11

Here we are again, with another menu post!  I hope you all had a great week.  Our menu last week turned out to be...just a suggestion.  I think we ate half of the things I thought we would, but that's ok.  We never ate the chicken skillet or the chicken garlic noodles.  We went out to Panda Express one night.  I know I made chicken strips and roasted potatoes one night.  I don't remember when we ate what, but we ate well!

Here's what's on the schedule for this week:

Sunday:  Beef and noodles with mushrooms (I used hamburger because that's what we had, and upped the mustard and horseradish.  Also I used this recipe for homemade egg noodles.  Delicious.  Definitely a keeper!

Monday:  Frozen chicken skillet meal

Tuesday:  Stir fried cabbage and pork

Wednesday:  Tamale pie casserole - using a recipe for tamale pie from an old community cookbook.  My family doesn't like the cornmeal topping (what's wrong with them?) so I'm going to mix cooked rice in instead. 

Thursday:  Sausage and farro (recipe from the back of the Trader Joe's farro bag).

Friday:  Garlic mushroom chicken (can't wait to try this one!)

Saturday:  Chicken garlic noodles (this one stays on the menu because every time I don't make it, my daughter asks when we're having it!). 

That's the plan, anyway.  Have a great week, everyone - and visit Menu Plan Monday for tons of great menu ideas!

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