Monday, May 13, 2013

Menu Plan May 13-17

I'm not ashamed to say that our eating last week barely resembled our menu plan.  Our sausage and pepper pasta on Sunday evening turned into turkey and pepper pasta when the sausages were freezer burned beyond salvaging (I know better than to put meat in the freezer in its original package - I really do!).  It turned out well, however, and I'll remember that for future skillet meals.  We ate the chicken and black beans on Monday night, but then on Tuesday my hubby requested a take and bake pizza, which stretched into leftovers on Wednesday.  Thursday I made homemade chicken strips.  Friday I decided we'd better have something quick since I had to make two different kinds of shortcake for Saturday, so we just had hot dogs, potato chips, and baby carrots. 

Menu Plan Monday

The name of the game this week is FAST.  Two swimming lessons and a parent teacher conference are sucking up most of our evenings this week.  I'll be doing some prep ahead and hubby will be helping by putting things in the oven before I get home from work.

Monday:  Taco Bell (promised this to my daughter last week - it's been a long time and she's going through potato taco withdrawal.  Kind of regretting it after eating out all day yesterday, but a deal's a deal!).

Tuesday:  Hamburger casserole (I'll make it tonight and hubby will put it in the oven tomorrow so we can eat right when I get home from work).

Wednesday:  Chicken and Stove Top (I'll make it in the morning and hubby will put it in the oven while we're at swimming lessons)

Thursday:  Broccoli Beef

Friday:  Dinner with family.

Have a great week, and see you all over at for more fabulous menu ideas!

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