Sunday, October 07, 2007

A weekend at home

Since I was gone three days last weekend, I thought a weekend at home would be swell. So I turned down a couple of invitations and told hubby we were staying in. And it's been a GREAT weekend!

We didn't stay in entirely - we went on several shopping expeditions, actually. First, to Bi-Mart to stock up on Coleman fuel and lamp oil.

Then to the fireplace shop to pick up our hearth pad. Just 12 more days till our woodstove is installed! Got home to discover that the hearth pad is too small, so we made a quick call back to the fireplace shop to negotiate a free heat shield that will mean we only have to make it a smidge bigger, which we will do with a row of bricks in the back, painted black to match the rim of the hearth pad.

Then, we rearranged the living room, and realized that our entertainment center was too big for where it needed to be with the new arrangement. Off to Target. We found one that matches the coffee table and end tables we bought there last year, and also found a nifty new padded bench in the same style that will provide more living room seating for us (yay, almost all our living room furniture now matches - I'd better be careful or people will think I've become a grown-up!).

Today was grocery shopping and now I'm spending the afternoon in the kitchen. First, I made buttermilk yeast bread (which smells HEAVENLY). There's also a pot of pinto beans simmering on the stove. Dinner will be roast chicken, twice-baked potatoes, garlic toast (on the freshly-made bread, of course!) and some sort of vegetable. When the chicken comes out, two loaves of banana bread will go in. We had a plethora of black bananas in the pantry. Those not immediately becoming bread were mashed and frozen in one cup portions for future loaves of banana bread.

So that's about it for our weekend. How was yours?

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Norma said...

Oh I would have LUV'D that weekend but sadly my cupboards are bare and I DO NOT want to go grocery shopping. Yuck!!!
Low key weekend for us with kids at a birthday party for two hours, crafting, fireplace warmth and a little bit of yard clean up. I'm not complaining...I had a relaxing weekend but there's something wonderful about all those wonderful smells I imagine coming out of your kitchen. Mmmmmm.