Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I need some skunk repellant!

DH and I were watching tv in the bedroom last night, and we suddenly heard a "woof!" and a scuffle right outside the window. DH got up and said "sounds like the dogs are chasing the cat again!". So he got up to make them come in side. Just as he got to the back door, I smelled it. It's a tell-tale smell. Like highly acidic burning rubber. If you've never smelled it, count your blessings. SKUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringo got it, once again. Stupid dog! DH was trying to get him to lay down in the dining room while he got the bathtub ready. I thought the tomato juice was in the garage, so I had to cross through the dining room to get to it. I don't think I've ever had the experience of my breath actually being taken away by a smell before. And I've smelled skunks. This was BAD. I made it to the pantry, only to discover that there wasn't any tomato juice there. UGH!!!!! Then I remembered it was in the bathroom. Phew!

DH got Ringo in the shower and gave him a bath. Meanwhile, I had to try to figure out where everything had been touched in the house, so I could wash it all down. Our house smells SO bad! The bedroom was suffocating since that was the edge of the house that had been hit. We hosed it down outside, but mere water has no effect against the power of skunk spray.

We opened all the doors and put the fans in them. Then I had to put my foot down. I don't care how bad it smells in my house, I'm NOT leaving my front door open all night (we have a screen door that locks, but really!). So we stayed up for a while longer to let some air pass through before we closed it up. It was hot, but we didn't want to turn on the bedroom AC because that's where the skunk spray was.

It was a very short night. Caffeine anyone???

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Lindafisk said...

Gee, aren't you glad you have pets? Skunk up close is SO STRONG. I feel for you- thank goodness we haven't been thru that yet.....yet. It's bound to happen living here!