Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Day at Home

Ah, home for a day. When we went to bed last night, we had every intention of going to the mountains today with the dogs, for a little play time. And, in fact, it is the perfect day for it. Crystal clear, warm, beautiful.

But, when we got up this morning, we didn't feel like leaving the house. We spent the whole day yesterday running all over town getting building supplies for the shed DH is working on. So, we decided to have a day at home.

We finally got out of bed around 10:30 and made a HUGE breakfast - pancakes, sausage and hash browns, and fried eggs. Then we watched a movie I'd checked out from the library (I love that the library has movies!). After that, we took out the screen door for our front door that we'd purchased yesterday, just to make sure it didn't warp or break on the way home, and ended up installing it. The guy at Home Depot said it would take 3 - 5 hours. It's been 5 hours and DH is still working on it, though he did take a break for lunch!

I helped with the door for a while, then when he got to the point where he could do it on his own, I ventured into the kitchen. It smells REALLY good in there now. I made a batch of lentils and barley for lunches this week, and then I made some honey granola with pecans. Finally, I made some teriyaki sauce for grilled chicken for dinner tonight.

I also did some dishes. The top rack of our dishwasher broke yesterday, so I can't use it till the part arrives, so it's slow going on the dish front. But, I'll keep plugging away. I need to do some laundry, too - I should go put a load in before it gets much later - if I start now and stay on top of it I can get three loads done tonight.

Other than that, I've been puttering. Watched a little TV, cruised the forums for a bit. I opened all the windows to let some of this glorious spring air in. We're so glad that we'll have a screen door now - we can leave the front door open without fear of escaping dogs, and let a little breeze in.

The dogs are happy we're home, too - since DH started his job this past week, we had to lock them out all day for eight days in a row, since we were gone most of last weekend and all day yesterday, too! They'll be sad when we leave again tomorrow, but as long as the weather holds it won't be too bad for them. We should take them for a walk tonight, that's for sure.

How was your weekend?

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BackyardBloomers said...

Lucky doggies! What did I do this weekend?(Non)Sleepover at the church friday night-saturday morning,recuperating from it all saturday, didn't go to church Sunday, as the baby barfed. Did housework, made a ton of cheeseburger burritoes for the freezer and a pot of fat-free "refried" crockpot beans for more burritoes (freezer). Just stuff. Nothing interesting.Oh, and I don't know how to sign on. It has been months since I have updates my blog here. Got a clue?