Saturday, April 30, 2005


Ok! This is more like it! I passed my defense on Monday! YIPPEE!!!! I can't even explain the feeling of total relief and exhaustion. I am so glad I survived the week - there were times I thought I was going to fall asleep at my desk, I was so tired after the stress of it all. But here I am...

Went out last night to an improv comedy show (think "Who's Line is it Anyway"). A friend of mine was taking a class from the group, and she had a performance in conjunction with their show. It was FABULOUS! I'm totally going to take that class the next time they're in town. Then we went out afterward. My friend said that the class has totally helped her think on her feet and be more outgoing and confident. I could use some of that in my life!

This weekend I have to clean house. Mom and Dad are coming on Tuesday to get some stuff to take to a Girl Scout rummage sale. I have half a mind to just let them walk through the house and pick stuff - I've got way too much crap and I can't bear to part with most of it! But, I'll do it, I'll wander through my house and critically eye what I need and what I don't. Might be a good time to clean out that craft box that's gathering dust, or some of those books I really need to weed out of my collection.

There's nothing important on my mind today - I'm way too tired!

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