Sunday, April 26, 2015

Can't Fight the Decluttering Bug

Anyone who's been reading this blog for any time can tell from my pictures that housekeeping isn't high on my priority list.  I can find 150 other things to do rather than clean on any given day.  Plus, I'm a packrat and I like to save things "just in case".  I'm also somewhat compulsive at the grocery store, and I love to buy deeply discounted and closeout food, some of which we actually eat.  I love the idea of magazines, and have a few subscriptions, but I rarely actually read them. 

For once all this is actually starting to get on my nerves, so I'm going to quietly start a decluttering campaign.  Nothing major, because I don't want to get halfway into a project and get burned out.  So starting this week, I'm going to pick two shelves, drawers, or piles, and give some stuff the old heave-ho.  Pantry, freezer, kitchen cupboards, book shelf, file cabinet that still has papers from before we were married, those two boxes of honeymoon souvenirs that have been unopened in the garage for almost 12 years...the only question is, where do I start???

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Nike Athena said...

Picking a shelf or a corner is a great place to start. Our clutter has been getting to me as well. I intend to start going through one box at a time and then relocating the keep stuff to the shed.