Monday, August 25, 2008

Declutterng - week one

I've decided to look at this decluttering thing more as seven things a week than one thing a day. And at this point, it's a lot more about cleaning up than about getting rid of actual stuff - we're not so good at, say, taking the recycling out of the bathroom on a regular basis. So maybe this will help!

Anyway, last week I either gave away, tossed, or added to the Goodwill box (which will someday make it to Goodwill):

1. Five boxes to a friend that's moving
2. bubble and foam wrap to the same friend
3. two old light fixtures
4. four pairs of unworn underwear that will never fit me (washed them before I tried them so I couldn't return them, darn it all!)
5. a book I finished with and will never read again
6. a pile of toothpaste boxes off the bathroom counter
7. some perfectly good skin care products that I will never use

All in all, a good first week!

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Norma said...

Good job!!! I cleaned the living room last night from top to bottom. Amazes me how much dust collects on top of our fan that never is still long enough for anything to gather. Anyways, all craft stuff is downstairs, all papers sorted and a pile went into the fireplace, about a dozen books in the hall pile that's going to Goodwill, a dusting and wiping down of all & now all is pretty, neat and decluttered!!!