Sunday, March 30, 2008

My first quilt

It's my first quilt! Made for my dear friend Heidi, who is expecting a little girl in a couple of weeks.

The nursery is purple so it will go perfectly with that. You can't see the top two rows in the picture here, but they're identical to the bottom two (I gave it to her at her shower yesterday, and meant to take a picture with it hanging on the line beforehand, so I could get the whole thing in, but I ran out of time so you get the idea).

I haven't decided yet if I enjoyed making it or not. I certainly enjoyed parts of it, but as for the overall experience, well, the jury's still out on that. I must say I did love the final product though!


Kimmer said...

Did you use a rotary cutter & template to get the squares all perfect? I'd like to start quilting, but not until I find a straight edge, so I don't have to use scissors!

kbeeps said...

I used a rotary cutter and the giant plastic ruler thingy that came with my cutting mat. It's pretty easy to cut them once you get the hang of it, though I will say that working with the fat quarters I had was a lot easier than working with the full pieces of fabric that I had!

Norma said...

Yay for the finished quilt. That turned out so cute!!!

MamaZuzi said...

Looks great. All this quilting is making me think about trying to finish Indy's baby quilt - how sad is that? And haven't even done anything for Adi.