Sunday, August 28, 2005

Keeping House

I'll freely admit it. Housework is my downfall. I can't think of a single activity I hate more than cleaning. And I've tried it all. All the cleaners, all the latest disposable gimmicks, flylady, everything short of paying someone to come in and do it for me. My house is a MESS!

I bought a swiffer the other day. Finally tried it out yesterday. Piece of crap. Just pushed the dirt and dog hair around. Thinking about asking for my money back, but I haven't tried the wet swiffer cloths yet, maybe I'll like them better. But first I'll have to sweep up all the dog hair. I should call the company and tell them their product sucks. But then they'll send me coupons to use toward a sucky product. *sigh*.

I have found that I can work pretty well in 15 minute increments, ala Flylady. But not in any organized fashion. I just set the timer and pick whatever room strikes my fancy and go to work. Usually two 15 minute sessions in any given room makes all the difference in the world. For instance, I can unload and re-load the dishwasher in 15 minutes. I can handwash about 10 pans, if they've soaked first. I can get rid of all the junk mail on the kitchen table and sort the good stuff into piles. I can gather up all the recycling and pop cans from the living room. I can file about 30 things in the computer room. 15 minutes. Now, if only I had the discipline to do 15 minutes every morning and about 10 sessions on the weekends, my house would be looking fantastic in no time flat!

I'm feeling sick today, but I have the urge to clean. I think I'm tired of sitting around, waiting for DH to get out of bed. He works nights so he sleeps till 2, but today is his day off and he was making noises about cleaning when we had dinner on Friday. So if I wait till he gets up maybe we can clean together...